Financial Wellness for Employers

Are your young professionals engaged in your company financial wellness program?

Thousands of Baby Boomers are retiring each day. Attracting and retaining young talent are often some of a company’s biggest concerns. With a generation of workers largely described as lazy, entitled and needy, “loyalty” is a term that is often forgotten.

But don’t write them off just yet. Many young professionals have reported they are more likely to stick with a company that cares more about their financial well-being.

By offering a financial program that educates your next generation of workers about the company benefits package and how that relates to their specific financial situation, you are communicating a powerful message to your employees.

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Develop a meaningful and valuable partnership

Young professionals are looking for Financial Planners. The problem is that so many advisors are concerned with assets under management and may be unwilling to work with these people.

You can give them on-demand access to a financial planner and a host of finance tools and resources to build a solid financial foundation. By adding UThrive to your wellness program, you are giving your employees a benefit that they’ll want to stick around for.


Social Networking Events

We host networking events where young employees have an opportunity to interact with their peers and experts from different financial fields. Participants will have a chance to talk with:

Buying a home

Real Estate Agents

Affording a lawyer


Affording college

College Planning Specialists

Accounting specialists


And More!

Our events can be held either on or off company property and are scheduled after the working hours.

On-Site Education

Our seminar-style presentations are designed to educate program participants on a wide variety of topics tailored to fit everyone’s financial planning preferences. These are quick-hitting presentations that usually last about 20 minutes. They provide focused and relevant material that employees can grasp quickly and get them back to work.


What's in it for us?

Once your employees have built a relationship with us through the company's financial wellness program, they have the option to work with us privately. Our education first program is designed to help motivate young people to develop their financial goals.

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